Got Social Media Fatigue?

Get amazing First Coast stories ad free

Are you tired of social media and belonging to so many sites/groups and then being bombarded with ads?

It’s like you can never see the really good stuff from the people that really matter.

Well, at FCL, we’re creating a place that gives locals (creatives, entrepreneurs, nonprofits) a platform and a voice to share their authentic stories; their passion, their gifts, and their love of this place. The stuff that moves us to action …

Sprinkle in locals’ amazing images that capture this place like no other, all presented beautifully, and you now have the ingredients that help create a kinder, more respectful community, with deeper connections.

Isn’t that what we all crave these days?

We truly believe that everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame! And opposite of social media money machine (ads) this is brought to you by the creative folks that really care about being a part of this movement, and also want to share their inspirational story with the community that we all love. Win-win-win.

Be a First Coaster … Let’s Ride

We strongly believe that to thrive in modern times, we need to foster more positive connections in our community. The sharing of stunning images and amazing stories is one way to get started.

As a pandemic-born resource in a social media world, our goal is to bring inspiring stories and images to the screens of locals and visitors alike.

FCL gives everyone a “digital stage” for their stories to be seen and voices to be heard.

We are proud to serve our community with a resource that inspires people to share their stories and let their creativity be seen by all.

Let’s get started …