Storytelling Is The New Selling

People respond to authenticity …

And we believe that your authentic story combined with branded photography will set you apart.

We are committed to helping you tell a better, richer story, loud and proud; and making new connections for increased business!

My Phone Blew Up…

Story generates unprecedented results for local restaurant.

“My phone blew up with 85 text messages congratulating me on the great story. Coolest advertising I’ve ever seen”

That’s what Chris Wooten, owner of Slider’s Oyster Bar told me on the day his story went live.

Chris Wooten, Giving New Meaning To The Term Local

That same story generated 2,500 page views on the website blog. And over 5,000 social media touches.

I was super excited for Chris, not only because I’m a big fan of Slider’s, but also because those results confirmed one of my long-standing beliefs.

Slider’s is just one of the gems you’ll find on FirstCoast.Life, NE Florida’s newest storytelling site. We have so many great businesses and talented artists – it’s an embarrassment of riches.

Welcome to FirstCoast.Life – where we make new friends, tell great stories and share the beauty of First Coast life.

A Personal Invite From Glenn Shuck – Founder & Publisher

Hi, my name is Glenn Shuck. If we’ve met, you may know me for my photography over the last 10 years.

But what you may not know is I have a 40-year background in high-tech sales and marketing. I also ran a consulting and digital agency for 15+ years.

Now it’s my time to give back to my community and help in any way I can. I love being the personal business marketing advisor to all my new friends.

Over the years I’ve had the chance to see almost any situation related to local marketing, including pitches from hundreds of local so-called “marketing consultants” – so feel free to reach out if you ever need a little advice or a second opinion.

The Vision

I built this platform for two reasons.

First, I wanted a place for all locals to share stories and photos in order to showcase all of the beauty and everything good about living here.

The second reason is to create and strengthen connections between the community and small business owners.

I want to help small business owners create conversations with folks visiting or moving to the area. And to also help enhance the relationship between residents and local businesses who may know about you, but don’t have a true appreciation or a deeper connection because they’ve not seen your back story and community involvement.

Your “Digital Billboard” With Beautiful Photography

FirstCoast.Life listings are for the small business owner who is community-driven, and who wants to partner with a local brand that is quality-driven, and very affordable.

Oh yeah, and it would be nice if you got a few new leads as well – We’re on that.

So, I’ve created a super-simple way for you to create a mini web page. You don’t have to know anything about tech. You don’t have to worry about what to say or how to say it – we take care of that for you.

And the WOW factor – professional photography, personalized with your branding to help you stand out.

You’ll be building new connections and starting new conversations.

My goal is to put so much value into this package that it will be a “no-brainer.” And we’re just getting started so you can basically own your category with little to no competition!

I have a lot of cool and fun ideas for the future of marketing to this community. I hope you’ll start the journey with us today.

But wait there’s more 🙂

I’m also throwing in a free consulting package to help get you started. I want you to call me with any marketing, sales, or tech questions, and let’s schedule that first consult, and we’ll get you plugged into our platform and social media system right away.

I truly believe that my success depends upon your success, so I will work my butt off to support you and your business. Drop me a line and let me know what’s going on in your business and life.

Let’s Do This ….. Glenn

PS My giveback is to always allow a small business to have a basic listing, free forever!

Glenn and new rescue "First Coast Callie"

Cover Shot Examples

John Fountain Wedding Photographer
Pink Cupcake Owner and Mayor Atlantic Beach Ellen Glasser

Get Started

Customized Landing (Listings) Page Built For Your Business on the First Coast Life website. Searchable and finadable by Google as well

Who Is It For

Our service is for the local business owner who is marketing or advertising their business online and wants better results. Your business will receive our proven landing page custom built for your business combined with professional photography, and social media distribution.

What Will It Help You Achieve?

Your landing page will get you 7-15% more conversions than your website.

  • Increase Customers
  • Lower Cost Per Click
  • Receive Qualified Leads Directly
  • Community Brand Awareness
  • Grow Your Email List

How It Works - Starter Plans

Price: Introductory $300 or $600 (Annually)

You will receive a complete landing page built by our experts in 2-3 days, and a Spotlight featured article for your marketing purposes

  • Customized Landing (Listings) Page
  • Featured Spotlight (online interview)
  • Personalized Branding Cover (one of your images)
  • Marketing Checklists and Templates
  • Social Media Distribution

Premium Plan

Price: Introductory $1000 (Annually)
  • Annual Listing Premium with Leads
  • Professional Branded Photography “Quick Shoot” at your location, to capture your best cover photo
  • Personal Interview to build your story (1,000+ words) that shows your authentencity and community involvement
  • Promotions to our branded channels include Blog Post, Digital Magazine, Social Media, Email Newsletter, FCL Cover Image for your marketing and more
  • Analytics and Reporting


Promote your business, drive sales, and build your brand with an optimized and creative ad campaign. FCL partners with clients to develop advertising campaigns that focus on your audience, and your message. Most importantly, we’ll get you real results. Serving business owners throughout the First Coast.

Sarah Gojekian - OnlyCardEver


Our recent story on Chris and reopening of Slider’s created 2.5K page views and 5K social media touches!

Chris Wooten

Owner Slider’s Oyster Bar

“My phone blew up with 85 text messages congratulating me on the great story. Coolest advertising I’ve ever seen”

Our recent story on Barry’s newest restaurant Beaches Mountain Diner generated 3K page views

Barry Adeeb

Owner Beaches Diner

“I just love the story and thanks to Lucy for capturing the essence of my exciting journey launching a new store”

Our recent story on Jason and his team generated 2K page views and 1K social media touches!

Jason Johnson

Owner Marlin Consulting

“This is a refreshing fun approach for exposure to our community and great value for my marketing dollar”

About Us

We’re an experienced team of storytelling content creators (writers and photographers), marketers (branding and messaging), promoters (social media) and techies (websites and seo) ready to go to work for you!

We have a simple process to get your story and get your listing up and running fast, and look professional. We have years of digital marketing experience developing strategies and tactics that work. With a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, we have built many hundreds of websites helping many hundreds of small business owners to success online!


Most frequent questions and answers

All plans give you a profile that is built to help you stand out on both First Coast Life and search engines. You’ll have higher chances of being found on Google through a hosted, high-SEO business page optimized for subscriber conversion.

People say that content is king. Well, personal branding photography is the icing on top when it comes to creating. Studies show that adding a photo to words, ads or your website Increases Click Through Rates By 42%. Your viewers are more likely to stop their facebook Or instagram scroll when they see images included. That’s not taking the quality of the images into consideration.

If you want to be seen in 2022, you need to be utilizing images everywhere. That’s why custom pictures show the experience to your leads whether you want to come off as a fun personality in your images, or a laced up professional. You could improve all points of contact with your website photographs email signature, landing pages, an ad, marketing materials or a new landing page with one photography session.

  • Be Able To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition
  • Build An Audience That Connects With You (Your Personal Branding)
  • Allows You To Have Meaningful Human Interactions With Your Potential Leads
  • Be Able To Build Trust And Credibility
  • Increased Engagement On Social Media Platforms And Posts
  • Opportunities For More Powerful Content
  • Make Sure You’re Creating Incredible And Memorable First Impressions.
  • Ultimately Be Top Of Mind When People Want To Spend Money Because They Trust You.
  • Position Yourself As The Authority To Remove Doubt When Customers Make An Investment With You.

You’re probably wondering what this shiny new website is all about, what the catch is, how it works, and how it’s going to benefit you.

How It Works …

It’s really easy, and we’re planning on keeping it that way.

1.0 Pick a plan & payment. We offer a free trial plan too.

2.0 If free plan, register to our platform by creating an account.

3.0 Add your listing details. The form will talk you through what needs to go where, and we’re only a message away if you get stuck.

4.0 Your listing will be submitted for approval by one of the team, and you’ll receive a confirmation email once it’s been accepted and your landing page is live.

5.0 Login to website to update your information, see messages from prospects & views of your listing. Access to add a story, event, or photo(s).

6.0 Share your new listing and ask for reviews. Once you get 5 reviews, we will add a stamp to your page “Locals Favorite”

From there, the worlds your oyster! We’ll share your listing on our Facebook Page @FirstCoastLifeMag and you’re welcome to share it, and your new listing, far and wide too.

Still Have Some Questions?

Call us 904-435-5200

Yes we’re old school. We still like to talk to people …