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The Story Behind FirstCoast.Life

Creatives Sharing Their Stories


I’m a lucky man! I live in a place that I love … the First Coast. 

I get to do the things that I love. Fate, maybe destiny, has placed me in North Florida for a reason for the last 10 years. Every day since arriving from Colorado I have loved sharing through the lens the “beauty and fun” of this amazing place so many of us call home. 

A few years ago, I had a vision, an idea – to share all that is wonderful about the First Coast with as many as possible online. You know, really help people embrace our unique area. I wanted a “place” to showcase all that is positive, something people WANTED to see, read, share, and be a part of. 

A “place” to forge connections and bring our special community even closer together. 

I wanted to package that “feeling” and create a platform for locals to share their creativity, art, images and stories. Celebrate all that they too find amazing and unique about First Coast Life.

With Maddie in search of the perfect sunset

Vision: To create a digital platform for conversations between creatives and the local community. Stories need to be told, and heard!

Through this new site, I seek to uplift our creative community, locals and businesses as I feel they’ve also done for me.

It’s now time, to take my nearly 40 years (gasp) of tech/marketing/sales skills combined with my creative energy, to try and give back to the friends and place that I love and have given me (and Maddie) so much.

Welcome to FirstCoast.Life …

Connecting Creatives With Our Coastal Community

Artists. Photographers. Writers. Musicians. Businesses.

… and their stories that uplift & inspire

We are now in growth mode building out our team, and need many folks to come be a part of:

(Artists, Photographers, Writers, Bloggers, and Musicians)

Content Managers

City Ambassadors

Supporting Businesses

Business Subject Matter Experts

Content (stories and photos) from YOU

I am open for fresh ideas and welcoming of all the locals that have a similar desire to promote our First Coast Life in nothing but a positive way.

Thank you for hearing my story, and with my utmost respect, I hope to take this journey with you too, for many years to come …

Glenn Shuck – Founder


Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it. 

~ Jesse Owens ~

Almost There...
Adding Some Final Touches


To perpetuate positive energy to as many people as possible, with a passion to share stories and imagery of everything beautiful and good living the First Coast Life.

Through this new site, I seek to uplift our community, neighbors and businesses as I feel they’ve also done for me.


As a pandemic born website in a maniacal social media world, our goal is to bring “feel good” images, and the stories behind them, to the screens daily of locals and admirers alike.

FCL will provide to the photographer and writer in all of us a digital platform for their art to be seen and voices to be heard.

I'd like your help

I respect you (that’s why you’re here) and our relationship and would appreciate your opinion on ideas, things you like, things to look out for, things to think about, new additions, have you thought this, etc. etc.

I have 100 things I want to implement. But at some point you have to push off the shore, and start sailing …