Put Yourself Out There

2024 Special Offer (Limited) – Lifetime Membership Only $60

Calling All Creatives (Artists, Musicians, Makers) – Showcase Your Great Work and Tell Your Amazing Story …

As part of our mission to empower the creatives of the First Coast Community, we are offering an affordable package with the goal to showcase your work and tell your unique story.

Our goal is to give talented artists and creatives the exposure and recognition they deserve by commemorating their work on the FCL website and social media.

As a team, we wanted to provide an exciting and different opportunity to give all of you more exposure channels and a unique opportunity to be part of the FCL brand.

The purpose of your artist feature is to create interest in your work, awareness about you, send people to you, and connect to a larger audience.

  • ONE YEARLIFETIME Profile with Gallery on FCL Website Listings Page 
  • Personal interview (Spotlight) “20 Questions” post to website and Facebook
  • Links to your website and social media with leads emailed directly to you
  • Your images turned into “Cover Shots” and posted to home page and social media
  • Your Spotlight and best images featured in our weekly newsletter

$600 $60 Membership Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

When we finish reading your profile, we want to feel like we’ve just had a 30 minute coffee with you. You want to funnel the right people your way, so spend the time to tell us who you are. Our most clicked Creative Profiles are open, honest, serious, fun, and thoughtful. We want to get as many eyeballs on you as possible!

If your Creative Profile is accepted, we’ll publish it and email you the link. Take the time to answer the questions on a separate Google form before submitting them, since it will be public once we publish it. You will be able to revise your answers as things change, but the first draft you submit will be published with grammar and spell checking services by our team.

We think about 30 minutes, but some of these questions are deep. And you probably haven’t had the time to think about all this stuff. When do you give yourself the time to sit back and think about who you are, how you got there, where you want to go, and who you want to meet? Give yourself some ME time and put it out into the world.

What we’ve seen is that people who get work based on their profile tend to write just the right amount. I know, “right” — what a loaded word. If you’re unsure, ask us and we’ll let you know if your answers are too short/long.

Yes. We feature your Spotlight and Profile in our newsletter (typically at different times) for maximum exposure. The real benefit is all the people who are actively looking and poking around the site. We’re a real site, with real views (50k per month in 2023). We’re in it for the long haul.

The first application is the most important. So please, take the time to get it ready to be published. We totally understand that things change, and we encourage you to email us if you need to make updates or changes. That is the beauty of digital vs. print! And your story lives on forever that you can share many times over in your marketing.

AB Painter Linda Olsen

“I just wanted to thank you again for posting my Spotlight article.

Several people read it online on Instagram and Facebook and came in to meet me today at the Arts Market.

I had a great day in sales and got to meet some nice folks.

AB Artist Scotie Cousin

Glenn … You have always been an energy in this community that I really respect. You just have a magic not seen with most locals we all know. I think it’s very cool what you are doing. Always a light and so inspiring and interesting. Thank you, for including me in your passion project … It’s really cool, and I think you’re cool too! Thank you brother for everything!