Studio Spear

Make ’em drool.
PO Box 51291, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240


After 40+ years innovating, enhancing and promoting both domestic and global brands, we have the experience and capacity to help you build or revitalize your brand.

It's a pleasure to meet you. Tell us a little bit about your background and your journey, and what you're focused on today

Nothing gets us more excited than working with ambitious business owners who want to build a dynamic and productive enterprise.
Who do you serve and what makes you different?

We work with brand owners on every continent except Antartica, specializing in food and consumer product industries. We have 40+ years of operation, well honed global perspectives and an uncanny ability to articulate powerful brands.
What would you attribute to your success, and how can people get to know you better?

Success is a matter of perspective. We are small but powerful, making sure to take time away from work to hang on the beach, have a drink or three with friends and finding ways to keep a smile on our faces.
What's the best part about living on the First Coast?

The beach.
Anything else that you'd like to add?

Always happy to meet on the patio at Southern Grounds, the Lemon Bar or the beach (I've got extra chairs and towels).

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