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Meet Penny Minge Kamish

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rapid Fire. Tell Us a Little About Yourself: I grew up down the road in Green Cove Springs after being “chosen” adopted by my parents.

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Photographer John Merriam

Reading Time: 4 minutes John has done a lot of things as a local media personality and photographer based in St. Augustine, Florida, including: Radio Photography Videography Astro photography

Photographer Mark Krancer

Reading Time: 4 minutes Meet Mark Krancer – A Fantastic Photographer With a Wonderful Story Mark is checking in with a quick interview about his shooting style, and maybe

Photographer Layla Neal

Reading Time: 4 minutes Layla Neal is an Incredible Creative Photographer … here at the First Coast, with an emphasis on capturing images on film. She has a classic

Featured Musician Spade McQuade

Reading Time: 2 minutes I first met Spade McQuade at Fly’s Tie in Atlantic Beach when he had a weekly show there. All of the fans in the room would

Photographer Saul Freiden

Reading Time: 3 minutes Full Name Saul Freiden How long have you lived at the First Coast? Lifelong Jacksonville native; Neptune Beach ’79-’87 and Atlantic Beach ’87- present. What

Featured Musician Carole Mayedo

Reading Time: 2 minutes How long have you lived at the First Coast? Moved here from the San Francisco, CA Bay Area 5 years ago. What part of First

Featured Musician Debrann Johnston

Reading Time: 3 minutes How long have you lived at the First Coast? I am a 14 year resident of the FC! Moved here to get out of the

Featured Musician Fran Pitre

Reading Time: 6 minutes Meet Local Musician Fran Pitre How long have you lived at the First Coast? We left Northern Virginia (just outside of Washington DC) in 1995,

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Old Ways – 12/18/20 As 2020 mercifully comes to a

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Photographer Razvan Balotescu Jax Beach
Photographer Glenn Shuck Atlantic Beach
Photographer John Merriam St. Augustine
St. Augustine Photographer John Merriam
Photographer John Tesh Jax Beach
Photographer Scott Moore Fernandina Beach

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