JWilson Aerial Photography
JWilson Aerial Photography

JWilson Aerial Photography

Top Quality Aerial Photography
432 Pullman Circle


Professional Aerial photography/videography

Spotlight Interview: https://firstcoast.life/meet-aerial-photographer-jonathan-wilson/


It's a pleasure to meet you. Tell us a little bit about your background and your journey, and what you're focused on today

I've been doing drone photography for about a year now! Love capturing the beauty of Saint Augustine but also love capturing people’s special events and times!
Who do you serve and what makes you different?

All of north east Florida and possibly further depending on the need, I take the time to plan according to what the customer wants when I do personal photo shoots. I also try to stay on top of technology and always have the best equipment I can!
What would you attribute to your success, and how can people get to know you better?

Connecting with people around this amazing city and getting in with the chamber of commerce have helped a lot! You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook and send me a message to reach out! JWilson_Aerial_Photography on Instagram and @Jwilson aerial photography on Facebook!
What's the best part about living on the First Coast?

The amazing history and landscape! The people are so chill and laid back for the most part as well!

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