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Debi Jean On Air–Episode 139
3 minutes

Debi Jean On Air–Episode 139

- edited by: Debi Jean

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Music Series–delighted to come to you each week from our neighborhood, close to the Sea. See you around.

Greetings Boys & Girls,

Come on in and join us for a wee bit of live music on this beautiful day.  Really every day is beautiful when you live by the sea.  I’ve been to the mountains over the weekend and the changing of the season is literally hanging off the trees.  Gorgeous! Today I’m recording in the castle, but I’ll be out and about after this.  Maybe I’ll see you at the beach.

This week’s set list:

01:01  Turn, Turn, Turn—The Byrds

             These lyrics are 2,000 years old, a bunch of hippies put them to a folk song in 1965 —there’s a time for every purpose under heaven.  If only we could know for sure when the right time comes!  And what about knowing your purpose?  Yikes.  I’m turn turn turning while I’m still ahead. 

06:11    Wolf On the Boardwalk—Debi Jean

              This is a trippy fairy tale based on a completely true story.  I really did meet a wolf on the Neptune Beach.  A real wolf.  And we walked along together.  It was so cool I had to write a song about my experience.  The point is that we can meet someone who doesn’t look like us or agree with us but we can still get along.  That’s my not-so-subliminal message to the world.

12:21    Killing The Blues—John Prine

              “Leaves were falling, just like embers, in colors red & gold….There’s always so much more to a John Prine song than meets the eye…or  I guess we should say ear….however he uses imagery to convey his ideas so I revert back to the eye.  Who really cares? I know.  It’s just that the song seems so simple with its short lyrics and easy chords, yet it elicits dark blue feelings of loss.  But “somebody said they saw me, swinging the world by the tail…

Well it’s time to go.  Time to Laugh.  Time to dance.

Love you, mean it, bye!

Debi Jean

Thanks for tuning in to FirstCoast.Life  

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