Meet AB Pup – KodiBlue
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Meet AB Pup – KodiBlue

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Meet the Freidens! Saul and Deb of Images By Saul and Deborah and SouthernSparkle, Stoney, (16 years, mini dachshund/big brother) and KodiBlue (12 years, Blue Merle Sheltie/protector of the way things are supposed to be)

Once In A Blue Moon

Owner: Deborah Freiden

Thanks for your time KodiBlue. Very cool name. So how old are you and where do you live on the First Coast?

Hello. I just celebrated my 12th birthday! I love birthdays because in our house fur people get steak…not cake! I live in Atlantic Beach. It’s nice and warm here. There are plenty of squirrels to keep in line. A great retirement gig for an old guy like me!

What breed are you? Do you even know? Best Guess?
Mom says I am an AKC Classic Blue Merle Sheltie. People say I am the “most magnificent creature they have ever seen”.

My birth Mom named me Once In a Blue Moon. I guess shelties with perfect markings don’t come along that often. Personally, I don’t care much for all that fuss. 

So how did you come to the Freiden family?

Fate brought us together. Mom was living in Massachusetts, broken-hearted from the loss of her beloved Savannah, another Blue Merle Sheltie. In due time she began her search for me. We met online (so did Mom and Dad, but that’s a whole other story!)

I was born in Alaska to Native Alaskans. They had found forever homes for most of my siblings and brought me to the lower 48 to meet my new family, but the people never showed up! So, the search was on for my forever person. (This online dating stuff can get complicated!)

While waiting for a match, my earliest days were spent in the remote parts of Oregon and Idaho, working on a horse ranch. It was fun, until the fateful day happened! My forever Mom found me, and the wheels began to turn. Plans were made and I took off on my first great adventure.

Bravely, I boarded a plane all by myself, and flew across the United States and right into the arms of my forever Mom in Boston. She named me KodiBlue after her love of the Kodiak Bears of Alaska and Blue for my special color. I liked my new home, and soon friends of Mom’s even adopted my half brother and cousins. It was like a family reunion! But then my Grandmother got sick, and we moved to Florida to help her out. Shortly after she passed, Mom met Saul and Stoney… and soon my forever family was complete!

Describe your pawfect day

Well at 12 years old, my pawfect day is a whole lot different than when I was a young pup! I’m a herding dog, so most of the time I have a job to do. I am happiest when I am keeping the world in order. Squirrels, my brother, my parents, and anything that moves actually. And I am darn good at what I do. I know exactly when Mom and Dad need to wake up, when they need to feed Stoney and I, and when they need to do everything else.

When Mom is in her office working, I remind her it’s time to take me out for squirrel patrol or a nice relaxing rest in the warm sunshine. I don’t understand how she can forget! Naptime, playtime, snack time, bedtime… I am on it. And once in a blue moon, I take a little time off and ask for some of Mom’s amazing belly rubs. 

What things don’t you like?

Well, I really am a very easy going guy, despite my job of keeping the world in perfect order.

But…there was this one time when we first got to Florida that my Mom decided I needed to go to something called Agility School. She had this crazy idea that I could be a champion. I loved being in class with all the other dogs. They were nice, but we had to learn to do all these different obstacles. One of them was called the Tunnel. The idea was to run thru the tunnel as fast as possible.

My problem, I didn’t like it at all. No matter how much the trainer tried to convince me it was safe…it wasn’t going to happen. I think I inherited that trait from my Mom, she said it’s something called claustrophobia. So much for becoming an Agility Champ! I’ll stick with Squirrels any day!

Are you ever naughty?

I am a really good boy, except for one thing. I love to chase anything that moves. Because of my soft silky hair, It’s easy for me to slip out of a harness or collar and just keep chasing. Mom says it’s dangerous, so she keeps me safe at home. 

Favorite walk?

Anything in the safety of my yard that involves SQUIRRELS!

Any little pups?

Nope…well my older brother Stoney is much smaller than me! Does that count? LOL!

What do your Pawparents do?

Mom and Dad are best known as Images By Saul and Deborah. Mom also has a business called SouthernSparkle. She sells all kinds of sparkly things!

What’s the best thing for you about living on the First Coast?

The sunshine! I’m getting old and it feels so good on my aging bones!

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  1. I recall first meeting KodiBlue and his mom. They make a wonderful team and his mom takes such good care of him. Kodiblue is very special and that is because his mom is a very special lady!

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